2017 Membership Application

Membership Privileges

Regular/ Family Members: (those who reside in Nova Scotia) are entitled to the following:

  1. Four issues of the Sheep Canada magazine, one copy per household.
  2. Members of the Association participating in the annual Atlantic Sheep Sale will receive a full refund of their registration fees, depending upon the sale of their animal(s) and their m’ship is paid prior to the sale. Non members’ registration fees will not be refunded, regardless if their animal is sold.
  3. Discount rates for participation in events sponsored by PSBANS.
  4. Discount rates for participation in promotional projects. (ads in the Breeders’ Directory, Atlantic Sale Catalogue etc.) Listing on Website. ( includes breed(s), location, phone & email / website address pictures if available)
  5. Voting privilege, provided their m’ship is paid at least one month prior to AGM
  6. Associate members are entitled to all of the above except for voting privileges.

Membership Application Information

We try to keep updated records of our membership list for the Purebred Sheep Breeders’ Associations of Nova Scotia. Our reasons for doing this is as follows:

  1. So we have your correct contact information ( mailing address, civic address, phone #, fax # and email address)
  2. As postage is costly we are hoping to send more information via email. Those without will continue to receive their information in the mail.
  3. We often receive request from people looking to purchase certain breeds of sheep. If we have the information we can direct their inquiries.
    So please take the time to fill out the form on the back and return it with the membership fee included. Question contact Diane Sinclair at sheepnovascotia@gmail.com or (902-783-2093)

Questions? Contact Diane Sinclair at sheepnovascotia@gmail.com or (902-783-2093)

  • Regular Membership – $30.00
  • Associate Membership (a member who does not reside in NS) – $30.00
  • Family Membership – $30.00 for the first membership and $20.00 for each additional membership with the same mailing address.

Make cheque payable to Purebred Sheep Breeders’ Association of Nova Scotia (PSBANS)

Purebred Sheep Breeders’ Association of Nova Scotia Membership Application

Which type of membership are you registering for?
Regular Membership ($30)Associate Membership ($30)Family Membership ($30)Additional Family Membership ($20)

Our Association is often contacted requesting information. To help us keep an accurate
record of what breeds of sheep are available please complete the following.

Purebred Sheep

Commercial Sheep

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