Fleece and Wool Competition 2016

Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition
August 24-27

  1. Entry Fee: There is no entry fee for the competition this year
  2. Maximum of two entries per class
  3. Deadline for entry forms: August 24, 2016
  4. Fleeces should be in the grease, clean and well skirted. Entries are “raw fibre” as collected from the source. Fibre that has been washed, combed or brushed after harvest will not be accepted.
  5. Fleece must be from animals owned by the exhibitor and must be no more than 15 months growth; consign ewe fleeces only as ram and lamb fleeces tend to be too heavy or too light, respectively, for comparison
  6. White and natural coloured fleeces may be entered. Where entries warrant, classes may be divided and judged as white or coloured.
  7. Entire skeins of wool must be entered, samples will not be accepted
  8. The judge and/or committee reserve the right to move fleeces and/or wool to the appropriate class, or combine classes if there are insufficient entries.
  9. The decision of the judge will be final

PRIZES: Ribbons in all classes
A small prize will be presented for the Champion Fleece & Handspun Skein

ENTRIES: All Fleeces and/or Wool must be at the Exhibition Grounds, Truro, N.S. no later than 12 noon on Wed. Aug.24, 2016.

ENTRIES: Will also be accepted at any time prior to the exhibition at…

  1. The Ruminant Animal Center, Dalhousie Agricultural Campus in Truro (c/o Holly Hines).
  2. The farm of Ruth Mathewson, 989 Upper Brookeside Rd, Central North River just outside Truro, NS
  3. They also can be mailed to Ruth Mathewson, 989 Upper Brookeside Rd, Central North River, NS, B6L 6W6

The Purebred Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia (PSBANS) shall not be liable for loss or damage occurring to fleeces/wool entered in this competition. Every effort will be made to take good care of the fleeces during this competition and display. Entries must be removed after the exhibition ends on August 27/16.

Due to the impending Canada Post work stoppage, we are accepting registrations online. Please fill out the form below.

Fleece and Wool Competition 2016 Entry Form

CLASS 1 – LONGWOOL FLEECE (Romney, Lincoln, Leicester,Cotswold)
CLASS 2 – DOWN & SHORTWOOL FLEECE (Cheviot, Texel, Arcott, East Friesian, Clun Forest, Dorset, Hampshire etc.)
CLASS 3 – SPECIALTY FLEECE (Icelandic, Shetland, Jacob, Scottish Blackface etc.)
CLASS 4 – CROSSBRED FLEECE Specify breed combination
CLASS 5 – COATED FLEECE Any breed or cross; from a jacketed animal

Champion and Reserve Fleece

CLASS 6 – Skein; single ply – 100% wool fibre
CLASS 7 – Skein; 2 ply – 100% wool fibre
CLASS 8 – Novelty Yarn or Blend; must be at least 50% wool; specify blend and/or technique used
CLASS 9 – Home Grown Fibre; spun wool from animals owned by participant
CLASS 10 – Youth; Spun by youth under 18; mark age on entry

Champion and Reserve Handspun Skein

For More information Contact:
Ruth Mathewson
Telephone: 902-895-4708
Email: mathewson@gmail.com

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