Membership with PSBANS entitles you to:

  • Members of the Association Participating in the annual Atlantic Sheep Sale will receive a full refund of their registration fees if their animal sells. Non-members registration fee will not be refunded, regardless if their animal sells.
  • Discount rates for participation in events sponsored by PSBANS
  • Discount rates for participation in promotional projects (ie. Breeders Directory, Fall sale catalogue, advertising on PSBANS website or a link to the website)
  • Voting privilege at the PSBANS AGM

Joining Is Easy!

Please print and fill out the below form and send complete with your cheque to the below address:

Purebred Sheep Breeders Membership Application 2019

Having trouble viewing the form? It is an Adobe PDF file which means you might need to install Adobe Reader here, if your computer does not currently have it.